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Monthly Archives: May 2010

fax to email and email to fax

I live in a very rural area and love it.  But the phone lines are very ancient and I often get a poor line quality error message way too often.  

I now have a new fax number.  (800) 760-1936
  This is an internet fax complany.  Sending a fax to this sends it as a pdf to my email account.  I can also email a document and have it reach a fax machine.  I have found this service invaluable lately.   One of my collegues had to send a 42 page package to one of her clients who did not have a fax machine.  She was short on time and was not looking forward to scanning all of these documents to send to him.  I had her fax it to my email and then I was able to send her the file to send to her client.  It saved tons of her time, and made her client happy.

Yesterday my printer broke down just as I was making out a listing agreement for a client I was meeting in 10 minutes.  I was able to save it as a pdf and email it to my fax machine to print off.

 If anyone is interested the service is coming from  The support has been wonderful and the monthly cost is cheap.

Spring Fishing Derby. Realtor Lana Kay gets the biggest mackinaw

 The Lake Pend Orielle Fishing Derby started Saturday April 24 2010 and ran thru Sunday May 2 2010.  One of our own has the biggest fish.  Lana Kay broker of Lana Kay Realty is playing hookie from Real Estate and has gone fishing.  Her 19 pound 35 inch Mackinaw caught near mineral point in 700 feet of water was the biggest caught in the Derby.  She caught a 15 pound mackinaw earlier in the week.  Beautiful fish Lana!

Here are the results.

Adult Rainbow Division:
1  True  Ott                          18# 2oz
2  Corey Larue                     13#  2oz
3  Bernard Berg                    9#   10oz
4  Paul Bell                            9#   3oz
5  James Hayes                     9#   1oz

Larry Schnabell’s fish has been disqualifed as a German Brown

Bernard Berg wins the pin auction award for the Adult Rainbow Division$250.00
True Ott, Corey Larue and Bernard Berg each recieve an equal share of the members bonus of $750.00

Adult Mackinaw Division:
1  Lana Kay Hanson                 19# 0oz
2  Jim Carouthers                     18# 5oz
3  John Jay                                16# 7oz
4  Dave Gillespie                       16# 4oz
5  Ed Reeves                             15# 15oz

Pin Auction Award  Dave Gillespie   $250.00

Fish of The Day Adult Mackinaw Division $150.00 each day
04-24-10Steve Miller
04-25-10 James Christy
04-26-10 Lana Kay Hanson
04-27-10 Scott Plue
04-28-10 Bob Wiley
04-29-10 Pete Quigley
04-30-10 Jim Carouthers
05-01-10James Christy
05-02-10 Dave Gillespie

Cash Pay outs for both adult divisions are as follows:
5 $212.80

Youth Division:
1  Zackery Russell                8# 7oz  Mack
2  Tanner Qurioz                  7# 10oz     Rainbow
3  Dylan Peterson                7#  5oz    Mack
4  Jordie Breeden                7#1oz      Mack
5  Bradley LaCroix                7#0oz  Mack


You can see more at

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Via Jay Markanich (Jay Markanich Real Estate Inspections, LLC):

I was called by someone who found me on line.  She wanted me to find the solution to a problem.

It seems the three kids in the family have all moved on, with Mom still living alone in the old house they grew up in.  Until recently.  She was “continually sick with the flu” and only felt better when she went to visit one of the kids, all nearby.  Their conclusion:  the house was making Mom sick and they moved her out to figure it out.  That could really be true.  In this case it was true.

They checked with an air quality company but thought the testing was very expensive.  They “diagnosed” the problem, over the phone(!), proposed a testing protocol and ultimate solution.  And, they guaranteed their work.  I told her that if they can do that over the phone they simply have to be really, really good and cheap at twice the price…  She laughed.

Someone told them that a home inspector might be a cheaper option.  He was.  He was me.  Also cheap at twice the price!  But I offered no guarantees and wasn’t sure I could figure things out.  But hey, she called, I went!  A real house doctor – black bag, lots of gadgets.  But this doctor doesn’t diagnose anything over the phone.

I met her there early.  We walked around and through the house.  Mom’s master bedroom was on one end, above the laundry/furnace room, and under the attic.  I saw no leakage from roof or plumbing and smelled no mold.  The house was pretty well kept up.




Going into the laundry/furnace, this is what I saw:

That is the water heater vent.

Not only was it disconnected 2″ from the main exhaust stack, but to get there it pointed down for a while.

Not good.

Gee, I think it was leaking carbon monoxide.

And right under Mom’s bed…





Going into the attic, this is what I saw:

That is a breach in the main exhaust stack.  What you can’t see is that the hotter vent inside this vent was similarly disconnected.  You can see how the escaping heat causes condensation and therefore rust.

Not good.

Gee, I think it was leaking carbon monoxide.

And right over Mom’s bed…

I think Mom was suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Not enough to kill her, but enough to keep her in a sickly condition.  That is why she felt better when she went to visit the kids.

I wonder if the air quality company would have discovered this?  Don’t know!

My recommendation:  Call a home inspector!  He may just be the house doctor you need.

And, seriously, install carbon monoxide detectors!  They are cheap and they work!  They will even go off when CO levels are high enough to give you flu-like symptoms, but not high enough to kill.  But, thousands needlessly die every year to something they could easily have been warned about in advance. 

Nationally, the detector road should be the MORE traveled by and THAT would make all the difference.

Evergreen Supply Ace Hardware in Clark Fork Idaho New website

Evergreen Supply Ace Hardware in Clark Fork Idaho is going green.  In order to save a few trees you can now see the Ace Hardware ads and specials online at  The local hardware store serves not only the small town of 500 people in Clark Fork Idaho, but also Northern Montana.  Evergreen Supply has a huge store stocked with just about everything imaginable for your building and home needs.  Evergreen Supply can also order items for quick delivery to the store and have prices that usually beat even the big franchices like Home Depot.  Delivery is available and if you need a quote simply email them or call (208)266-1411 with your building list.  Have a building question?  There is a frequently asked question page that can provide you a quick answer. 
Here are just a few of the items that the store carries.

Paint dept –  computer color match
 Spray paint
  Primer/ sealers – latex, oil
  Interior – flat, satin, semi-gloss
  Exterior – flat, satin, semi-gloss

 Paint sundries
  Sheetrock acces.
  Putty knives
Paint trays
Sandpaper products
Wire brushes
Caulk guns
 Hand tools
  Tape measures
  Safety equipment
  Wire wheels
  Sharpening tools

 Power tools
  Reciprocating saws

 Tool accessories
  Hole saws
  Wrecking bars
  Wire bulk/boxed
  Light bulbs
  Electrical tools
  Extension cords
  Audio / video acces.
  Circuit breakers
  Phone acces.
  Lamp parts

  Pipe & parts
   Pvc: incoming & drain waste vent
   3034, perf
   Poly pipe
  Plumbing tools
  Shower heads 
  Water filters
  Water heaters
   Also: thermostats
  Pressure tank
  Sump pumps
   Base & tank
  Gas fittings
  Brass fittings
  Safety rails
  Air conditioning
  Furnace filters
  Stove pipe and parts
  Wood stoves
 Nails – bulk
 Screws – bulk and boxed
 Gutter parts
 Screen door parts
 Cabinet hardware
  Fire extinguishers
  Smoke detectors
  Co detectors
 Gate hardware
 Signs, letters & numbers
 Door hardware
  Bifold parts
  Bypass parts
 Poly sheeting
  Nuts & bolts
  Picture hangers
 Cleaning supplies
 Shop vacs
  Shop vac acces.
 Trash bags
 Paper goods

 Towing acces.
 Cleaning supplies
Lawn & garden
 Axes / mauls
 Hose nozzles
 Hose reels
  Above ground
  Below ground
 Soil & amendments
 Seasonally – plants
 Trash cans
 Pet food
  Wild bird
Outdoor living
 Cut glass
 Cut lumber
 Cut keys
  Rekey locks

 Metal – custom cut and flashing
  Metal Sales
  ASC building products
 3 tab
  Owens Corning
 90# mineral surface
 Felt paper
 Ice shield
 Grace triflex
 Roof jacks
2×4 fir & larch #2+    92 5/8 thru 16′
  2×6 fir & larch#2+       ”        “
  2×8 fir & larch#2+       ”        “
  2×10 fir & larch#2+     ”        “
  2×12 select struc         8 through 16″
  2×4 treated   8,10,12,16′
  2×6 treated   8,10,12,16′
  2×8 treated   8,10,12,16′
  2×10 treated   8,10,12,16′
  2×12 treated   8,10,12,16′
  4×4 treated 8,10,12,16′
  4×6 treated 8,10,12,16′
  6×6 treated 8,10,12,16′
  1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×10 1×12
  1×6 tongue and groove
  2×6 tongue and groove
 1×4, 1×6, 1×8, 1×10, 1×12  surfaced one side 2 edges
 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10 ,2×12 surfaced one side 2 edges
 2×4, 2×6 surfaced four sides
 1×6 tongue and groove
 2×2 fence pickets
 5/4 cedar
 1×6 cedar fence
 1×4, 1×6, 1×8 c grade

 CDX 3/8, ½,  5/8, ¾ , ¾ t&g
 AC ¼, 3/8, ½, 5/8, ¾
Floor joists
 We special order :
  Versa Rim

 LP smart panel
 Cedar bevel siding
 ( we special order many different types of siding)

 Fingerjointed primed pine
 We special order a variety of makes
 We special order a variety of makes
We special order a variety of makes

Vinyl lattice
 Rebar ½ and 3/8
 Spec mix
 Sand 20/30
 Snap ties
 Spreader cleats
 Tie wire and rebar ties
 Foam foundation blocks
 Sono tube
 Anchor bolts
 Precast vent closures

 Welded wire
  3,4,5 foot
 Field fence
 Poultry & rabbit
  5, 6 foot
 Treated poles
  8, 10 foot
 Barbless wire
 Chicken wire
 Electric fence wire and parts
 T posts
 We special order:
  Tube gates
  Corral panels
  Barb wire
  Split rail fencing

Log home plus cabin and fantastic lake views

DRAMATIC LAKE AND MOUNTAIN VIEWS!!! 2 Story plus basement, log and frame home in Hope. Plus a separate cozy guest quarters cabin w/jetted tuband views. Landscaped, custom stone work, garden pond, fruit trees, RV hook-up/parking and much, much more. THIS IS A MUST SEE PROPERTY!!!

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