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Monthly Archives: September 2013

DIY Toolkit: Essential Tools For Minor House Repairs


It takes time to build a complete DIY toolkit. Start with the essentials, and build on your collection as you take on new projects. Eventually, you will become proficient at a wide range of DIY home projects – and your toolkit will reflect this (as will your wallet, considering the money you will save on hiring someone to do it for you!).

A Basic DIY Tool Collection

Hammer: From hanging a picture to replacing wall molding and millions of DIY projects in between, a hammer is probably the most-used tool there is. Don’t choose just any hammer. Select a claw hammer – a hammer with a claw on one end for pulling nails and prying material – with a flat peen (the surface which drives nails) rather than rounded.

Tape Measure: Many home repair and improvement tasks require a tape measure. Get a retractable tape measure, which is made of a rigid metal and snaps back into the case when you push a button. For most jobs, a 25-foot tape measure is sufficient.

Carpenter’s Level: With a good level you have a straightedge for cut lines and a tool to tell you if an item is flush (straight up and down) or level (perfectly flat). Don’t let the store’s selection overwhelm you – a basic 4-foot bubble level, which uses air bubbles inside a liquid-filled cavity, is basic but dependable.

Carpenter’s Square: Get both a speed square, which is hand-held, and a largerframing square when possible. Squares are great straightedges, tape measures and right-angle testers.

Utility Knife: Whether you call it a box cutter, razor knife, or any of several common terms, a utility knife is a DIY tool essential. Your utility knife makes quick work of slicing through drywall, carpet, linoleum, rigid foam insulation and many other materials. Keep a supply of razor blades in the knife’s hollow body.

Flashlight: From peering underneath your foundation to working in the dark to restore power to your breaker box, your flashlight will shed some light on various tasks.

Screwdrivers: If you plan to limit your DIY ventures to basic carpentry and fixture installation, a handful of screwdrivers will get you started. Choose both Phillips-head screwdrivers (which have a cross-shaped tip) and flat-head screwdrivers (with a knife-shaped tip). More advanced repairs may require different heads. To save money, consider a multi-bit screwdriver with interchangeable tips.

Pliers: If you need to pull staples, cut wire, or loosen tight connections, pliers will help. Look for three basic types: needle-nose pliers (which have a pointed end),side-cutting pliers (which look much like scissors) and adjustable flat-nose pliers(aka flat-head pliers).

Wrenches: When pliers won’t get the job done, look for your wrench. Grip or remove pipes, nuts, bolts and other stubborn household items. Start with a set of adjustable crescent wrenches for all-around usefulness.

Staple Gun: A staple gun comes in handy for installing faced fiberglass batt insulation, hanging plastic sheeting and other projects around the home. Manual staple guns require a little more muscle but eliminate the need for electricity.

Drill: Once you have a drill, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one. From simple tasks such as hanging curtains to more complex jobs like replacing wood flooring, a drill – cordless or not – makes it easier. A cordless drill is more convenient but has a limited battery life.

Saws: Two basic saws will see you through most general DIY home projects. First, select a handsaw for places where you don’t have power or for situations where a power saw just isn’t practical. Next, decide on either a table saw or a circular saw. A table saw is sturdy and makes cutting boards and other material easy. However, a circular saw is portable and hand-held, making it more convenient. When you’re ready for a new saw, consider a jigsaw or reciprocating saw.

Stud Finder: A stud finder will help you quickly find the framing members in your walls, ceiling and floor.

Orbital Sander: Small enough to easily control with one hand, an orbital sander is perfect for basic work. Keep a supply of sandpaper, of various grits, on hand.

Ladder: Depending on the jobs you anticipate tackling, you might prefer astepladder instead of an extension ladder. Extension ladders are useful outdoors and reach higher, but stepladders work inside or outside.

All of the tools in the world won’t help you if you don’t have accompanying supplies. Keep wood glue, superglue and caulk in your supplies. Add an assortment of nails, screws, bolts and nuts to your tool collection as well. Don’t forget tape: masking tape, electrical tape and duct tape in particular. A heavy-duty extension cord is essential. Your collection will continue to grow over the course of your DIY adventures.

Why I love Keller Williams Reason 8 Ignite

Keller Williams offers tons of coaching along the way.  The ignite system covers one month of daily training to get agents off and running.



Ignite has a single objective: to propel agents into immediate productivity. To achieve this goal, the course contains a wealth of fundamental and foundational real estate content, enhanced by productivity-based exercises, an online tracking system, practical job aids, and powerful scripts.



Why I love Keller Williams Reason 7 RED DAY

Red Day


RED Day (Renew, Energize and Donate) is an initiative dedicated to celebrating Keller Williams Realty’s year-round commitment to improving our local communities. Each year, on the second Thursday in May, tens of thousands of associates from across the United States and Canada participate in a wide range of projects, devoting our time to renewing and energizing aspects of the neighborhoods in which we serve.

Recognizing her leadership in guiding the culture of our company, RED Day is held in honor of Mo Anderson, vice chairman of the board, Keller Williams Realty.

Our vision for this day is that all Keller Williams associates will actively engage in a coordinated effort to improve their local community. Activities run the gamut, including rehabbing a house, cleaning up a local trail, providing food for the homeless or any service related activity needed in your community.

In order for this day to be a huge success, we need your energy and your commitment. Each market center will be asked to identify and coordinate an activity which will have a visible impact on their local community and surroundings. We are confident that each market center will embrace this opportunity for positive change while demonstrating KW culture and spirit to its community.

This event is an entrenched part of Keller Williams Realty’s culture and displays the extraordinary effect a company can have when individuals come together to work as a team for the greater good of everyone. As Mark Ozman, associate with the Indianapolis/Carmel market center, wrote:

“RED Day isn’t about cleaning up a park. It is a one-day expression of what happens 24/7 in the Keller Williams culture. It is seeing a need, discovering who can meet that need and then getting it done.”

Why I love Keller Williams Reason 6 The training

Being in this business for so many years, I didn’t think that I would get much use out of the training that Keller Williams has.  You really can teach an old do new tricks.  Keller Williams has a electronic library, audio and video files, web casts and books on virtually anything that I would ever want help with to improve my real estate career.

Here is a small sampling from the agent mountain.
Sales Skills
Create a Successful Radio Campaign
Implement Video Marketing
Leverage a Virtual Assistant
Getting to Yes, with Dianna Kokoszka
Create Buyer Urgency
A Day in the Life of a Mega Agent
Agents in Action
Avoiding Loan Fraud
Build a $35 Million Listing Inventory
Build Your Database with Gary Keller
Business Planning
Buyer’s Consultation
Create a System to Secure Listings
Handling Objections
Hold an Effective Open House
How to Use Scripts
Listing Presentation
Millionaire Real Estate Agent Role Models
Insights from OPs and TLs
Price It Right
Shifting Markets
Short Sales
Staging the Home
Successful Internet Lead Conversion
The Art of Selling
Using Facebook in Your Business
Using Media in Your Business
Watch Your Money
Working with REOs
Your Professional Scorecard
Success at the 7th Level
What a Great Executive Assistant can do for a Mega
Lead Buyer’s Agent & Showing Assistant Model


Welcome to Keller Williams Realty
Agent Orientation
KW Wellness Program – Health Provider
Getting to Yes, with Dianna Kokoszka
KWU Course Videos
10 Steps to Train Tomorrow
Breakthrough to Mastery
Buyer Mastery
Lead Generation 36:12:3
Seller Mastery
Seller Mastery – Espanol
The 6 Personal Perspectives
KWU Archives

KW website help files for

Agent Mountain
Technology Training
eAgentc Agent Website
eAgentc Agent Website: Step by Step
eEdge Action Plans
eEdge Agent Website
eEdge Leadership Material
eEdge myLeads/myContacts
eEdge myMarketing
eEdge myTransactions
Google Apps
Keller Williams Realty Real Estate App
Building My Business with KW Technology
KW Canada
KWLS and Greensheet: Step by Step
New Agent Mondays
myKW – Market Center Intranet
Performance Metrics
Social Media
Technology Setup
White Pages and Agent Profile Page

Why I love Keller Williams Reason 5 the people

Yep definitely the people. One of the questions we get asked after each transaction is have you talked to the agent about Keller Williams and would they be a good fit. Keller Williams actively looks for good people and they are drawn together as a family. The people in my office are amazing, and there is a universal atmosphere of helpfulness that is so refreshing. Fellow agents are always willing to help each other with showings, problem solving, tips, errands. When someone makes a sale, or gets a new listing, has something neat happen to them, we are all cheering them on. When someone has a problem we all chip in to help out and get them passed it. Each agent is respectful and helpful to another agents clients, and are watchful not to step on any toes. What a fantastic support group we have. This is the type of office I spent decades looking for and I am finding that it is pretty constant through the KW offices. I would highly recommend any agent that feels lost, doesn’t like office politics, or just wants a great safe place to grow, learn and sell come talk to me and we can get you set up in the Keller Williams family.

Why I love Keller Williams Reason 4 KW Cares

What is KW Cares?

KW Cares was the brainchild of Keller Williams agents who had a dream to reach out and support fellow KW associates facing financial hardship due to major emergencies. Mo Anderson, vice chair of Keller Williams Realty, Inc., took this dream and brought it to fruition as a public charity.

Today, KW Cares is supported by associates from across North America. It has truly become the heart of the Keller Williams culture in action – finding and serving the higher purposes of  business through charitable giving in the market centers and communities where KW associates live and work.

History of KW Cares

Designated a 501(c)(3) public charity in 2003, KW Cares raises money through Keller Williams Market Centers and Regional Offices in order to provide emergency financial assistance to members of the KW family in need through its grants program, and to support other charities and causes aligned with the mission and values of Keller Williams Realty and KW Cares.

What is a 501(c)(3) public charity?

Identified by the IRS – a 501(c)(3) is an organization that has been federally-authorized to receive tax deductible donations.  A 501(c)(3) accepts donations and offers donors a tax exemption on their gifts as allowed by law.

What is the KW Cares Heart 2 Heart Program?

During large scale emergencies, KW Cares may initiate the Heart 2 Heart Program where Keller Williams Associates adopt other KW associates impacted by a disaster.

Market center’s primary Heart 2 Heart leader is the Heart Specialist, who determines the scope of their adopted family’s essential needs, and integrates those needs with the resources of the m
arket center or others in their network.  They focus on immediate, and then long-term needs of those affected.


To read stories from those people who has been helped by KW cares, please take a look at




Why I love Keller Williams Reason 3 The stats

One of the exciting things in our Keller Williams websites are the stats.


map of visitors




Not only do we get how many people visited, we get the break downs of where they are from.  This map shows the last 30 days of unique visitors along with the top ten cities that are looking to move to Idaho.


top cities moving to idahoI had no idea so many people in Maryland and Louisiana were looking to move to Idaho.  This is a new feeder market for us and lets me know that some well placed advertising in those areas will help.

Why I love Keller Williams Reason 2 leads

In all of my years at being a real estate agent and all the companies that I have worked for over the decades, Keller Williams is a remarkable office to work for. Reason number 2  why I would recommend Keller Williams to my colleagues.

The amount of clients that I receive on the Keller Williams Realty site at is awesome.  The website shows all the listings from both the Coeur D’ alene and Sandpoint MLS.  It is easy for visitors to search out properties and find what they want.  Below is a screen capture of clients coming in each day, and how many brand new, never been there visitors there are.  Unlike other sites, these are clients that have signed up on the site, sent in their contact information and let me know what they need and how I can help them.




It would be rare to have 31 to 58 people walking into the office each day and start their home search.  The website lets them set up alerts for new properties coming on.  They can save their favorites, delete the ones they don’t want, get questions answered about the properties and the client contact module allows me to keep up with everyone.  So Reason number 2 is that Keller Williams websites work the way I need them to.

North Idaho Face Book Business Pages

I am still stumbling around facebook and finally put up a business page at

Rain Silverhawk – Sandpoint Real Estate

In the process I  discovered several North Idaho facebook business pages.  Stop by and press the “like” button, they may just like you in return



Trinity City Beach

Visit Sandpoint

Bonner County Library

Priest Lake Park

Downtown Sandpoint

Sandpoint online

Ski Schweitzer

Friends of Scotchman Peaks

Silverwood Theme Park

Festival at Sandpoint

Panida Theater

Bonner Partners in Care Clinic

North Idaho Childrens Mental Health

Downtown Business Association

We love Sandpoint

Sandpoint Shopping District

Sandpoint Events Center

Living Local Magazine

Sandpoint Idaho


Lake Pend Oreille


K2 Inn

Sweet Magnolia Bed and Breakfast

Northridge Vacation Rentals


Western Pleasure Guest Ranch

Sleeps Cabins

Winter Ridge Foods

Zanny Zebra

Pack River Potions



95.3 KPND radio

Sandpoint Community Radio

Millers Country Store



Evans Brothers Coffee

Perks Espresso

Mr. Sub Sandpoint Idaho

Jalapenos Mexican Restaurant

219 Lounge

Laughing Dog Brewery

Joels Mexican Restaurant

The Pita Pit Restaurant

The Loading Dock  Lounge

Second Avenue  Pizza

Mick Duffs Bar and Grill

Arlos Ristorante

Connies Café

Little Olive Restaurant

Di Lunas

Pour Authority Beer

Babs Pizzeria

Big Tuna Sushi

Joes Philly

Spuds waterfront Grill

Tam O Shanter Bar

A & P Bar and Grill

Pend Oreille Winery

Kokanee Coffee

Ivanos Restaurant

Jupiter Jane Travelling Café

Starbucks Ponderay

Coldwater Creek Wine Bar

Common Knowledge

Pine Street Bakery

Forty One South Restaurant

Klondyke Café

Arbys Sandpoint

Earth Rhythms Natural Foods

The Peach Man

Sweet Lou’s Restaurant

Sandpoint Chocolate Bear

New Hideaway Lounge


Greasy Fingers Bike Repair

Zero Point Crystals

Bella Jade accessories

The Readery Sandpoint

The Basement Games and CD’s

Finnan McDonald Clothing Store

Maps and More

Misty Mountain Furniture

Larsons good clothes

Alpine Shop

Sandpoint Saturday Market

Northwest Handmade Furniture

Home for the Holidays

Joel Keef Shoemaker  instruments

Perfection Tire

Indigo in Motion Thrift Shop

Azalea Hand Picked Style

Vanderfords Office Supply

Sandpoint Super Drug

Alpine Vertical

Carousel Sandpoint

La Chic Boutique

Boyle Platte & Kee ~ Certified Public Accountants

7B Skis

Flowers from the heart

Bat waves

Monks Hydro Geoscience

Foxs Fun Factory Crafters Mall

Xtreme Carpet Care

Sand Creek Sound

5th Avenue Carwash

Windward Gift shop

High Speed Pawn

Dani Js Fashion



Marie-Dominique Verdier, Photographer

Marsha Lutz photography

Windward Studio  Photography

Woods Wheatcroft Photography

Precision Photography


All Seasons Garden and Floral

Sandpoint Flower Farm

Niemans Floral


Sa Haira Salon

Bellesza Design Salon

Sand Creek Salon

The spa at the seasons

Paris Hair Designs

Syringa Salon

Wildflower Day Spa

Serenity Salon in Post Falls Idaho

Main Street Music and Game



Action Water Sports

Sandpoint Hive


Sandpoint Children Learning Center

Forest M. Bird Charter Schools

Selle Valley Carden School



Evolution Fitness for Women

All About Adventures

Sandpoint West Athletics club

Sandpoint Disc Golf

Selkirk Powder

Sandpoint Zumba

Soul Town Fitness

Cor 24 Fitness

360 Fitness

Cross fit

Integrative Athlete



Sandpoint Eagles

Bleeding Hearts Tattoo

Free Taxi Hotspot


Sandpoint Title Insurance



Sandpoint Marketing

Go Sandpoint Vacation Rentals

Like Media



Panhandle Animal Shelter


Sandpoint Furniture Carpet One

Anderson Autobody



Once Again thrift

Wheels and Waves Rentals

J.C. Auto Detailing




Beam Design

Selle Valley Bright Beginnings

Pottery Bug

North Idaho Animal Hospital

Holiday shores


Extreme Property Restoration

Sandpoint Building Supply

The wireless works

Selkirk Glass and Cabinets

ASAP Tax service

KBM Enterprises

Northern States Pest Control

Northern States Landscaping



Community Cancer Services

Sandpoint Dentists

Northern Lakes  Chiropractic

Pend Oreille Health Care

Ballard Orthodontics

Kanisku Health Services

Sandpoint Women’s Health

Lake to Mountain Massage Therapy

Moondance Movement and Massage

The Rub Down

Robert Harrison Dentist

Mountain View Family Medicine

Hesstronics Sandpoint Satellite TV


Sunlight Co-op

Gypo Meadows Equine

The Yarden

Carter Country Farm Feed

Pend Oreille Farms

Big R Ponderay

Yetter Hive and Honey

Gentle Hands Horse Training

Triton Vetrinary

Talus Rock Retreat

Tauber Angus Farms





Love where you work Keller Williams Realty reason 1 My listing Syndication

I had a long time associate call me up and he was looking for a new place to hang his license. He wanted to know how my new company was and what I liked about it. I realized that I could not sum it up in just one phone conversation. In all of my years at being a real estate agent and all the companies that I have worked for over the decades, Keller Williams is a remarkable office to work for.

The following posts will be about what I love most about Keller Williams and why I would recommend Keller Williams to my colleagues.


The very first one is going to be the listing syndication. I have always syndicated my listings, but usually through alot of work, money, and time. This allows me to get my listings on about 3000 webpages easily. I don’t have to pay for the services, wait forever for them to post. I don’t have re-enter all the listings or be confined to short descriptions or too few pictures. I can post my name, phone and url on the photos if I want to. There is a buyer for each and every property listing out there, and my job is to make sure that they see it. The wide spread coverage helps me get my listings in front of as many potential buyers as possible. I can provide more feedback, service more buyers and get quicker sales.

Rain Silverhawk reviews