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2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral 22nd street vendors

2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral show has 41 different shows throughout the town.  The 22nd street venue recently bough 6.5 acres in which they will construct a  150,000 square foot 3 story building (to the north of the existing tent show) where 86 dealers will own their 20′ x 40′ selling room on the first two levels of the new  building. The  top floor will be a 50,000 square exhibition space which will host 300  dealers  during gem show time. A 10×10 booth will cost just $750 at the debut show which lasts 18 days. Owning (or leasing!) a selling room is less expensive than renting a similar size booth or tent elsewhere.  For more information call sales agent Randy Emerson at (520) 777-4949


A Flair For Fashion, B1
A.F. Silver Design LLC, SW, SE
Adamas Gems, B22
Afghan Gems, D29/D30, E3
Africa Gems USA, A8
African Arts and Minerals, C1
Akala’s Jewlery, D14
All Cash 818, F18, E25/26
Amber America, E15
Ancient Earth Trading Co., F1
Ancient Lake Fossils Inc., E24
Arizona Fire Agate, A9
Arlette Overseas, A4
ATOZ Lapidary & Jewelry, D4
B&R Rock Shop, A12
Badlands Agates and Fossils, A9
Bali Silver Jewelry, D7/E7, E19/20
Best Solution, D6
Blue Crystal Mines, A16, B17
Blue Gem Trading Co., B6
Bright Star Gemstones, C3
Broken Arrow Mining Company, B13
The Busse Family, D35
C.A. Arts, B9/C9
Carol’s Jewelry, D23
Colorado Rocks, E35/36
Culture-Cross, B3
David Freeland Jr. Designs, B19
Dinosaur Brokers, F2
Dinosaurs and More, F18, E25/26
Duane Tynsky Fossils, C18
Dust Devil Mining Co., B16
Eden Minerals, F4
Exquisite Gems & Jewelry, D8/E8
Flat Earth Trading Co., F27
FossilArt, E27
Fossiles DerFoud, A18
Four Seasons Rainbow (Zhuhai) Trading Co. Ltd., A17
GeoDecor, F25
Gostafe Mineral, A19
GSP Pedras do Brasil, D9
Guangzhou Yaqoot Pamir Consultancy Co. Ltd, E9
Guilin Jinglin Mineral Shop, A6
Hagar’s Fossils & Minerals, F5
Hiba Minerals, A23
Himalayan Gem & Jewelry, D10
Himalayan Healing Quartz, C10
In The Beginning Fossils, F18, E25/26
Indiana9 Fossils, F19-F22
International Fossil Company, F7/F8
Jennifer’s Gems, B2/C2
Jewel’s Bazar, C6
Jewelry by El-Mar, D17/D18
Krautworst Naturstein, F10
Laaroussi Minerals, A22
The Lucky Miner – Dwayne Hall, D36
Madagascar Import SEAM, C26
Mandala Handicrafts, D16
The Mineral Gallery, D12
Mineralphil Madagascar, D21-22, E21-22
Moiz Gallery, E2
Morning Sun Jewelry, F6
Morocco Minerals, A21
Mosasaur Gallery, F9
Mt. Royal Gems, E38
Nanjing Sen Lei Mineral and Gem Production, A5
Natural Expressions, Inc., E11
One of A Kind Designer Cabs, F11
Opal Art Australia, E5
The Opal Trove, E14
Orca Gems & Opals, C3
Oregon Sunstone Exchange, B18
Ouhaddou Freres, F13
P&G Gems Inc., B4/C4
PAK Designs, B5
PaleoBond, F2
Pamela’s Jewelry, C5
Pamir Gem & Jewelry, C13
Pangaea Industries, F16-17, E23
Peter Pittmann Fossils, F7/F8
“Prospectors” – The Weather Channel Series, D35-36, E35-36
Quartz City Mines, F24
Queenly Global Inc., B12/C12
Quest Minerals, A13
R. Stratton Knives, D12
Rainbow Rocks and Gems, C19, D27
Relics II, C17
Renaissance Stone Carving Studio, E17
Roc3000, B23-25,C23-25
Rock Art, C14
The Rocking Stones Peru S.R.L., E4
Rocks Minerals and Specimens Sales, C22
Rojas Minerals & Artesanias, D24
Rosman Co., A10
Rough & Beads Wholesale, F3
Russian Lab Created Diamonds, D20
S&S Gems, B21
Shanghai Yuli Wolframite, E28
Siberian Tundra Fossils, E18
Sierra Gems, C21
Smilodon Resources, F12
Soklich Trading Company, B8
Some Distant World, D1-2
SP Handicraft, E29
Spanish Stirrup Rock Shop, A11
Spencer Opal Mines, C8
Star Mountain Mining, D5
STARGATE – Dominus Cervix Int’l, D11
Stone, B10
Stone Circles Lapidary, D19
Suncrystal Mining, B14
TC Packery, E30
Tibetan Souvenir, A3
Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski, A13
Triebold Paleontology, F15
True Frequency Products, E1
Tuhi Tuhi, E16
Unique Beads, D26
US Gem Sale / Sapara, E12
Vince Simmons & Associates, E13
Wyoming Fossils, A2
Xin Xin Rock Shop, D28
Zeder Co. International, NW & NE Corner, A1


Tucson gem show 22nd street vendors

Tucson gem show 22nd street vendors

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