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Monthly Archives: January 2015

USFS in back yard lake views 9.8 acres Cocolalla Idaho

lake Cocolalla lake views


US forest service land in your back yard and lake views in the front! The trees are growing but seller willing to help clear a building site to recapture those beautiful lake views. Outstanding mountain views, peak a boo lake views, grand rock outcroppings. Power and Phone in the road, great year round access and adjoins hundreds of acres of forest service land. Has passed a passing Perc test in past and owner may carry. End of the road privacy and the perfect place to build your dream home. Seller willing to carry the loan. This one has it all!



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aerial map of Cocolalla property

Weltanschauung Strange word with a world of meaning

Weltanschauung Strange word with a world of meaning

Active Rain encourages its members to blog regularily and has posted a challenge for January. One of the items on the challenge was to write about weltanschauung.  Since I didn’t even know that we had one I had to go read through it.


Weltanschauung pronounced “welt·an·schau·ung” World View, or Guiding Principles and Philosophy of a group of people. Active Rain’s Weltanschauung can be found at  Funny, that as well as this describes the idea that drives Active Rain a vast majority of the members have never read it, they just live by it!  



Realtors, appraisers, inspectors, lenders,  title officers, photographers, homestagers and more have gathered to make Active Rain the largest real estate social network platform with 220000 members strong.  Are you a real estate professional  needing to find answers to a particular problem, have a referral to send out, or just want a place to connect and learn?  Then Active Rain is the place for you.


Active Rain members share a common bond and committment to help one another to build relationships that promote their businesses and professions.  From seasoned professionals to brand new agents each with a voice, an opinion, a need, a resource and all available for the sharing.  There aren’t too many professions where you can find such a large group of “competitors” sharing the tips and tricks to help others learn and grow and become super stars in their professions.  Active Rain promotes constructive dialogue, spirited conversations, innovative ideas, and diversity.


Active Rain contains members with a wide range of interests, personalities, localities and experience.  Each member is urged to convey their expertise and promote their abilities and home ownership. It has become a wonderful way for real estate professionals  to learn from and network with each other.

behind the scenes

On the flip side Active Rain allows real estate consumers to “pull back the curtain” and see behind the scenes of real estate market and the professionals in any given area. Consumers can learn all about agents in their every day lives, see new listings, talk to mortgage proffessionals or learn about a particular area.   It is pretty easy in todays computer age to locate the listings but with Active Rain people can hand pick their agents.  By just hanging around, reading through blogs consumers get an inside view of the agent they will pick to help them with their next real estate transaction.  I don’t know how many times I have had someone tell me that they picked me out of all the agents in the area because my personality shined through in my blog posts. I can understand that as vet suitable agents in another area to refer a listing to.


I encourage you to read Active Rains Weltanschauung and see just how well it describes the world views of Active Rain. Even better read through some blog posts and experience it.

Foreclosure Log home 10 acres river frontage, pond Sandpoint Idaho

HUD foreclosure. Log home on nearly 10 acres with 490′ the Pack River running through it!

Expansive views of Schweitzer from every room. Home built above the flood plain with a trails that lead to the river. Open and airy floor plan with gorgeous large logs, vaulted ceilings, open kitchen with breakfast bar, wood stove and hardwood floors throughout. Large 30 x 28 shop is insulated with 220 service, pasture for horses, fruit trees, seasonal ponds.


Foreclosure for sale

Big doors swing on little hinges.

I remember as a kid visiting the Art Museum in Centennial Park in Nashville Tennessee.  For those of you that havent been there they have created a full scale replica of the Greek Parthenon and the 42 foot statue of Athena.   It is truely an amazing sight and not something you expect to see in Tennessee.  One of the things I remember the most was that there was a set of huge doors at each end.  Each door was 7 feet wide, 24 feet high, one foot thick and made of bronze.  Each of these doors were 7 1/2 tons each yet I could push them easily with a finger.  These hinges were holding up doors that were thousands of times their weight.  I remember my mother quoting W. Clement Stone to me“Big doors swing on little hinges”

Parthanon in Tennessee

Just like so many things in life, it’s the attention to the “little things” that can have a big effect.  So what are some of the “little things” that make a big difference in our real estate careers and in our personal lives?


Listening. The first step to communication isn’t speaking it is listening.    Have you ever been talking with someone and realized that your attention was wandering and you had no idea what they just said? Effective listening isn’t just being quiet so someone can talk it means we actually hear what someone is saying.  (whether client or spouse they can get real mad when your not listening!)  Not such a little thing.


Consistency. People want to know what to expect from you.  If you  say you will be there at 2:00 are they wondering where you are at 2:15?  Do you return your calls and emails?  Are you on the ball, can you get the job done?  Are you blogging regularily?  Do you explain what is happening during a sale to your clients, your lender, your escrow officer, your broker?  You never want people to wonder what is coming next. Not such a little thing.


Attitude. No one really wants to deal with a crab or a pessimist or someone that is full of ego and trying to make themselves bigger by walking on someone elses shoulders. We all have an off day but attitude is contagious and it makes a big difference in how you interact with the people around you.  Not such a little thing.


Trust. Trust can either be fragile or or incredibly strong.  On a daily basis we meet a wide range of people that may be naturally trusting or overly skeptical. If you think about it we are asking a complete stranger to trust us with the biggest and most intimate things in their life.  We want them to entrust us with their home, their family, their  dreams, their finances.  Certainly not a little thing.


Organization. This one might be the hardest thing of all to master for most people.  When you  are well organized everything moves smoother and easier.  Did you loose a clients phone number because it was on a sticky note that went who knows where?  Can you find that important document that needs to be sent in the next 2 minutes?  Can you remember what time you were supposed to be at the appointment?  Does your  desk, car, house  look like a bomb went off?  Do you have everything you need to make a listing presentation or are you going to just show up and hope it works?


This list can be quite a bit longer what things come to your mind?  It is the attention to the “little things” that can have a big effect   Just remember it is the small hinges that can swing big doors.

168 hours in a week, how do you spend your time?

There are 168 hours in a week yet I feel like I have no time.  I am one of those people that friends are amazed by what I get accomplished all while I am kicking myself for not getting something done.  I am without a doubt a work-a-holic.  I run a business am a real estate agent and I have a family and own a ranch.  The various forms of work  take up alot of time.  I am constantly doing something yet at the end of the day I always see 20 things I wish I could get done.  Maybe if we just had a  200 hour  week.


So have you ever asked yourself, where does all the time go? Even more importantly were you able to answer that question?  In many ways I wish I could be more productive and in other ways I wish I could find enough time to have a little me time.  How about you, if you take a really good look at how you spend your 168 hour week you might just have more time than you think.


I used a couple of online tools to help me figure out where my time goes. lets you put what you are doing and start a timer on your activity.  Ironic that I probably spent an extra 20 minutes logging in what I was doing to figure out how I am spending my time.

Here is my report since Monday


THe other tool is which logs in your computer activity.  You can then categorize your activities such as business, entertainment, social networking etc and how productive the activity is.

Rescue Time

They say we should work smarter not longer. Now the smart thing for me would be to find the time  wasters and do something fun with the extra time that I find.  It has been forever  since I sat down and read a book or enjoyed a movie.  What would you like to do with your time?

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