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Monthly Archives: February 2016

3 bedroom 2 bath home in sagle 159 Mountain Ash

159 Mountain Ash Sagle Idaho 83860

159 Mountain ash Sagle Idaho 83860

Affordable home in the country! Three bedroom 2 bath single level home on almost a half acre. Features a large living room vaulted ceilings, plenty of cabinets in the kitchen, wood and tile floors and nice upgrades. Fenced yard with mature trees and backs to green belt. Covered deck and carport. In the country but close to town on a county maintained road, community water and no ccrs. $120000

So many listings how can you find the time to do a good job for us

You have so many listings how can you find the time to do a good job for us.
First and foremost, I make sure I have the time to give all my clients and their properties the attention they deserve because it is important to me.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “If you need something done, ask a busy person.”


There is an Acrive Rain contest that asks us about some of the negative questions we receive and how we respond to them.  ActiveRain Contest – Winning Over the Naysayers   If you are an agent be sure to visit this contest and share with us some of your stories.

With the quick sales that we have been having I have been working on getting more listings to start of the buying season.  This particular statement I have heard 3 times in the last week, where on earth is that coming from.  Two of these decided to list with me and the third is still thinking about it.  I currently have 21 listings and I normally like to keep between 40-60 to keep things running smoothly.  So how do I find the time to do a good job for my clients.


  •  I have been doing this for 30 years and am well organized. I have streamlined my tasks so that I can handle a large amount of listings at one time.
  • I have a fantastic support crew when I need it I get assistance to make sure nothing falls through the cracks I ask for it.
  • I believe in strong communication and I employ programs to keep my clients in the loop every step of the way and every task attended to.
  • I am highly energetic and I devote a good amount of that energy to getting my listings sold.
    If I was too busy to do a good job I wouldn’t be asking for your listing now.

The snowball effect.

I routinely have alot of listings because I am good at selling real estate and I go the extra mile for my clients. The more listings I have, the more advertising I do and the more signs I have on the street. The more signs I have on the street, the more calls I get from buyers. The more buyers I have the more people are exposed to all my listings. The perfect buyer is out there for every house and by getting your home seen by more people will bring that perfect buyer to your door.


Being a real estate agent is more than just a job and a paycheck to me. I love helping people sell their homes and I love helping people find their dream homes. I try to put myself in my clients shoes and treat them like I would want to be treated. I know I would want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person I hired is actually working and working for me. I want that person knowing who I am when I call, keeping my needs in the forefront of their mind, and working towards a successful sale. This is the same thing that each and everyone buying and selling a home needs and wants. My clients are not just numbers, each one is in the middle of one of the biggest life changes they will ever have in their life, and my job is to work hard and make it happen.

If your looking to sell your home in North Idaho give me a call.  I would be happy to list and SELL your home!




Dreaming about owning property? Dream BIG! Ten Tips to Owning Property

Dreaming about owning property? Dream BIG!

Ten Tips to Owning Property


Why not? I’ve always been a believer in dreams. Having them, shooting forand making  them come true. 

Build foundations under them and dreams CAN come true.

Here are ten tips to BUILD A FOUNDATION to owning property.


1. Make your wishlist.

Go for it! Write down everything about that piece of property that would make you deliriously happy! Don’t self-edit. 

2.Find a good loan person.

Like any good advisor, this person can steer you in the right direction for your future investment. Make sure it’s someone who not only understands numbers, but has great communication skills and can advise you on the necessary steps to get your money in alignment with your dream. 

3. Find that right REALTOR® who believes in your dream.

This person needs to “get” you! It might happen right away, or take a bit of time with some ongoing dialogue, but ultimately you want to feel like they know exactly what you are aiming for (sometimes before you even do).  With their expertise, they can whittle down that wishlist into what you absolutely can’t live without and what you can compromise on. 

4. Share that wishlist with your REALTOR®. Let him or her hone in on what’s “wish”ful thinking and what’s reality. Maybe shoot for a bit of both? 

Create a clear vision together. More conversations  that you have, the clearer your dream becomes to your  REALTOR®. And sometimes it’s not just what you need, but what you want. Those intangibles are just as important as making the monthly payment. 

5. Focus on it like a mantra. Keep it uppermost in your mind. 

Have a visionboard or you can write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere that is an hourly/daily reminder of  what you are seeking. Write it in a manner that puts it in the present tense. 

I am buying a cabin on a lake now! 

Cabin on Fishhawk Lake-Gayle Rich-Boxman

6. Open up a “Christmas” account.

Remember having to save to buy presents at the end of the year? In college, money was always tight,so I created a Christmas account through my bank and religiously put in money throughout the year. Maybe put a percentage of every paycheck in there. You can even get a big jar and put ALL OF YOUR EXTRA CHANGE IN THERE DAILY. You will be surprised at how it adds up! It is like a Christmas present to yourself. 


If you don’t, no one else will. 

8. Surround yourself with those who believe you CAN do it.

If you are reaching for a star and just can’t touch it, there are those who care about you enough to give you a boost UP; that stepstool that gives you that extra heighth to reach that star! 

9. Write down a date to aim for. 

Even if it comes and goes, you have a target. It takes practice to hit the bullseye. Don’t give up if you don’t get there in the time alloted. Create a new date. Keep aiming! 

10. Get creative in making it happen!

When your  REALTOR® presents you with that right property, you might have to S-T-R-E-T-C-H to get it! If you really want it and it feels right, there are usually several ways to get it! It takes thinking outside of the box. Selling stocks, an extra vehicle, writing a contingency, moving money, doing a trade, asking for a private contract, gifting….there are myriads of ways to make that dream happen IF you keep the door of opportunity OPEN and tap into the other foundational aspects that you’ve put into place prior to this. 

Now Get Out There and Dream BIG!

Greasy Spoon Sunset-Gayle Rich-Boxman If you are looking for a cabin on a lake, let me help you fulfill your dream! 

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