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Before Selling Your Home

Certain important steps need to be taken before you put your house on the market.These simple steps will better prepare you to sell your home and make the task easier.

Home Loan Approval for your next Home

It is never a good idea to sign a contract to sell your home before you are fully sure of your ability to buy a new home. Circumstances may have changed since your last purchase not allowing you to qualify for your desired loan amount. To get a good idea of what you can afford you will need pre – approval before selling the house. Having gained this information, you can make a more reasonable decision on whether or not to sell your home at the time.

Determine Fair Market Value of your House

The ideal situation for any seller is to get the best price for the property in the shortest time period possible. However, over – pricing may cause you to lose on potential buyers and under pricing the lot may land you a raw deal. An agent or an appraisal service can guide you in determining the fair market value of your home. Another way of judging the appropriate price is by determining the value of the other houses in the vicinity. Irrespective of which method you use, make sure it’s the right price and is sold in good time.

Estimate Cost of Selling

Even when selling your home you will have certain expenses and it is very important that you know this to be able to keep a check on it. The first and most obvious cost is that of an agent and the real estate agency. But if you do choose to sell the house on your own then advertising will be a major expense. Professional fees of the attorney, closing agent etc will have to be taken into account. Other expenses will include various taxes, home owner association fees etc.

Make Necessary Repairs

This is probably the best time to make all the necessary repairs and amends to your home. A visible repair that is unattended to may turn a potential buyer away. A well tended to house makes for a better sale.

Get the House Ready to Show

Apart from making repairs, it is very essential that your house is sparkling clean, organized and attractive. It should be able to give the buyer a sense of well – being and good health. This will add more value to the property.

These are some of the necessary steps to be taken to make the selling process easier and more effective. This will ensure a good and quick sale.


Before Selling Your Home
By Anjana Appanna

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