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LARGEST and BRIGHTEST super moon in 64 years coming Thursday

Coming soon the LARGEST and BRIGHTEST Full Moon we’ve seen in the last 64 years… and we won’t see another one like it again until 2034. Time for a full moon and not just any full moon but a Super Moon. They are called super moons because it appears to be larger and brighter in the sky, particularly when it begins to rise over the horizon. I still remember the first one I saw as a kid on a flat horizon in New Mexico. It looked like something you would see in a sci fi movie. Extremely large, dramatic and in that case a blood moon to boot.The white line in this graphic shows the moon’s normal orbit. When the moon’s orbit is altered, as seen in the blue lines, it brings the full moon closer to our planet, resulting in an exceptional “supermoon.” (Bob King | Sky & Telescope) Supermoons usually occur a few times each year, but this year we happened to have three consecutive supermoons. One supermoon occurred on Oct. 16, the next is November 14th and and another one is on the way on Dec. 13. The upcoming November supermoon is expected to be more spectacular than those two because of its closer proximity to the Earth. The orbit of this month’s full moon will be closer to the Earth than it’s been since January 1948. If you miss this rare Super supermoon, you’ll have to wait 18 years for the next big one on Nov. 25, 2034 Be sure to check it out on Sunday but If you miss the celestial show Sunday night  the supermoon should look good again when it begins to rise in the eastern sky around 5:15 p.m. Monday
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