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Rain Silverhawk celebrates 30 years in Real Estate

Rain Silverhawk Realtor for 30 years

30 Years Ago Today I got my first

real estate licence.

Yep thirty years ago and thankfully I can also say I was young when I started. smile


Looking back it reminds me of stories my grandmother will tell about coming outwest in a covered wagon.  When I started in real estate there were no computers. Listings were printed in thick mls books every 2 weeks and half the time we sold the home before the books came out. Contracts were sent out via snail mail and everything took at least a week to get back to us. We had special round keys for the lock boxes and the threat of jail time and huge fines if we lost the key, because every single lock box had to have the lock changed. The average house sale was under 50k and being in the million dollar club was a BIG deal. It was not uncommon for buyers to assume or take over existing financing. Just about every sale involved a creative wraparound financing and It was a perfect solution to sell a home in a rough market. There were no loan origination fees or points, and buyers were often willing to pay a little higher for a home that had an assumable loan. I remember having a huge celebration the first time we got a buyer a cheap 13% loan. All property inquiries went to the office and agents had floor time, slots to take all the incoming calls. Those agents got all the leads coming in during their time and took messages for the other agents. It was before cell phones so for the first decade I would put my dime in payphone to collect messages and call everyone back. The office had a Mimeograph machine for the first year and then we upgraded to a copy machine. WOW!


Fast forward through the stage of big bulky car phones, fax machines, pagers. Finally we had one computer that could pull a printout of the listings that we could look at and write down notes.


dinosaur with computer skills


Thankfully I am a dinosaur with mad computer skills! Finally came emails, scans, websites, listing syndication, computerized listing searches, social media, blogging. We can fly over properties and send aerial views to our clients.  We post on facebook, google plus, pinterest, linked in and our blogs so that our clients can find us and know us before ever meeting us face to face. We have smart phones, that pull up listings, scans documents, lets our clients sign on our tablets, and text for quick information.  I would be a little lost these days without my computer and wonderful online communities likeActive Rain

It has been quite a journey and I am going to try for 30 more!!!


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Rain Silverhawk

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