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New gemstones at

Greetings Friends,

I’ve just added Sam’s latest group of new beauties to the site, and invite you to drop by for a look. 

And for those on servers that use cache copy you can use this link to see the new goodies. 

This week, you’ll find: 

Butterfly wing jasper, teardrop


Morrisonite jasper

Butterfly wing jasper, catseye

Indo. fossil coral

Rainforest jasper

Indo. petrified palm root

Montana agate

Ojitos imperial jasper, green


Mohave bronzed purple turquoise set

Ojitos imperial jasper, chocolate brown

Ocean jasper 

As always, we wish you only the very best!

Rain, Sam and fam



Little Silverhawk Gemstones

Greetings friends,

For those of you that are new to our site, our youngest son cut his first gemstone when he was 3. He started selling his cabs when he was about 10 and puts up groups of stones under the Little Silverhawk title. (For those that have been buying from Chris for years, he is now 17, towers over me and isn’t so little anymore. Can you believe he is that old now?)

Despite his youth he carries the same good eye for shapes, and he gets to use our rock. This is a great chance to pick up some nice stones for a lower price and encourage a young talent.

In this offering you will find:

Montana agate

Marra Mamba tigereye

Botswana agate


Red jasper

Native Silver



Mohave turquoise

Dinosaur bone X3

Cherry Creek jasper

Imperial jasper with orbs

Lake Superior agate

Montana agate with bands



Blue tigereye

Chinese turquoise

Morgan Hill poppy jasper

Bull Canyon agate

Mexican crazy lace agate

Oco geode

Ocean jasper

Pilbara jasper

We hope you can come by for a look.

Our best wishes,

Rain, Sam and fam

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