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The appraiser wants a heater in every room. Envi Heat saves the day!

How often do we get almost through an escrow and the appraiser wants a heat source in each room. The worst are log homes where a hard wired installation is an expensive ordeal.


As an experienced agent you may have prepared your sellers for this but most of us have had this hit us like a bomb at least a few times in our careers.  While there are several options for the installation of heaters, I have a new favorite that is low cost, quick and easy to install, meets the appraisal requirements and is actually a maintenance free, hypo alergenic, low cost heating that those new buyers will appreciate.

Envi heat

So what is the solution?  It is called Envi heater and can be found at or on Amazon.  They are a a safe flat panel cool to the touch fanless wall heater.  This new stack convection technology – circulates heat without fan and is only 475 watts to run – At 4 cents per hour I think it is one of the most economical heaters to run.


They come with an auto thermal shutoff a thermastat and the unit is cool to the touch so it is safe for kids animals. It does not circulate dust or allergens or dry out the air.  It is silent and has an auto dimming power light.  These wall mounted units come in both a hardwired model and a plug in model which makes it perfect for installation that will satisfy an appraiser.  It can be mounted on any wall including drywall, into studs, on masonary tile concrete or log with nothing but a screw driver and the included allen wrench.  Just install it, turn it on set the thermastat and leave it.  Built in America and eco friendly green heaters cost under $140 and there is no need to cut into the wall.  They also often run specials on the pricing and free shipping.


I originally got one of these to heat a 400 sq ft guest cabin and liked it so much that I bought 2 more the next year for my house to keep pipes from freezing when I am away. Since then I have saved several closings in a hurry by suggesting these heaters. 

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