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What should I pin on my real estate pinterest site?

If you have been following my last few blogs about Pinterest then…..

You know what pinterest is and set up an account.

You have some ideas for your real estate pinterest site

You know how to use hashtags 

You know the best times to post on pinterest

You have a pin it button for your browser

The next step is to start pinning!


So what should I pin on my pinterest site?


Pinterest is addicting and fun and it shouldn’t be all about work.  You should pin things that you find value in.  It might be a beautiful landscape scene, a great looking kitchen, a neat idea, humor, a cute puppy picture.  Pin what you like and the outcome will be a billboard of who you are, what your interests are and oh yes you are in the process a great local tour guide and the expert in your area and you are a real estate agent.


Write Blog entries and pin from them.

In the process of setting up this new pinterest site I realized that some of the pictures I want to post would do more good if I wrote a blog entry for those pictures and then pinned it.  AR here I come.  For example we have 47 lakes in Bonner  county alone and so I have lots of lake pictures.  While they are beautiful in themselves why not write a blog entry describing these various lakes and include the pictures.  People will click on the pretty pictures on pinterest, come to my blog and be able to learn more about the area.


Why would people come to my pinterest site?

People will come to your pinterest board because they like the pictures you like.  It may be a beautiful picture that they just like or they may be on a mission.  They probably aren’t looking for a house to buy but they may be  looking through achitecture boards, color combinations home decor, home organization or pictures of a certain area.  They will repin pictures of rustic cabins with notes about their dream get away place.  I had one gal that repinned one of my pictures as her dream kitchen.  I am happy to say that after she realized that her dream kitchen was for sale they now own it.


What are some other ways that agents use their site. 

  Andrew Mooers dedicates a board for each of his listings with about 30-40 pictures each with a map.  I happened to notice that each of these listing boards have over 200 people watching each one.  Not bad for a few minutes of work and some pixels.


What about infographics?

Now this part isn’t really my style but many people will post infographics and have some success with it.  They will make a graphic with a tag line like these:


Great advice for Sandpoint North Idaho home buyers!  If you are thinking of buying a home talk to a lender and find out how much home you can afford first.


Confused by North Idaho area real estate listing websites which area is suited for you?


Buying an Idaho Home for Sale by Owner: 3 Reasons You Need an Agent

Should I price my home higher knowing a Buyer will try to negotiate down?

Or how about this one from Bill Gassett.  (I highly encourage you to check out his pinterest site, he has some great ideas)

We are always having to explain to buyers that  we are in a non disclosure area and zillow zestimates are inaccurate.

inaccurate zillow zestimate



How about Inspiration quotes?


There are tons of graphics floating around the web with inspirational quotes.  This one I had repinned 64 times.


If you like it someone else will too.


Remember to repin other peoples content.    


Will Johnson brought up a good point to include in this post. “I’ve found that, while it’s important to pin unique pins from your website on a regular basis, it’s even more important to share unique content from other sites and repin others’ content.  That’s what’s going to get you the followers that you want to see the content from your personal site”

The internet was created and designed for people to share and connect.  Pinterest is a social networking site and you want to interact with your visitors.  Repin their pins that you want on your boards.  Follow their boards, Like their pictures and interact with people.


To sum it up, pin those things that interest you, write blogs with pictures to pin from, learn from other agents success, repin and interact with others


The best times to post on pinterest and other social networks

By now many of you are either starting a pinterest site of tending to the ones you have had for years.  Pinterest is addicting and such a good way to connect with people and build your brand.  If you are like me I tend to work on social media platforms late at night when things are quite and I can have fun with it.

Here are the best and worst times to post on Pinterest and other social networks.

best times to post on social media





How to use #hashtags on pinterest

The next section of the Pinterest series is on Hashtags.  What are they and how to use hashtags on Pinterest


A keyword is a word that you want to be found under when someone uses it in a search.


Hashtags are a pound sign # immediately followed by a keyword. They’re used for categorization on social media. Hashtags are used for social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr GooglePlus and Pinterest.

Hashtags on pinterest

I just went to pinterest and put in my last name #silverhawk  I came up with a great page containing 2 things.  Our gemstones and there was a cartoon with the Silverhawk name.  This tells me that if I want my name in conjunction with my real estate pinterest site then I need to add some text in the pins and some hashtags.




Here are some of the basic tips to using hashtags on pinterest.

1) It is a good idea to use Hashtags in your pins.  Remember you do not want any more than 2 per post. Hashtags are only clickable in a Pin description. Putting them in your username, about section, or in board titles does not do you any good.

2) Just like with other social networks, hashtags act as a keyword to bring all of the Pins using that same hashtag together 

3)  Branding your Pinterest page with your own special hashtag is a great way to define your items.


By branding all your pins about a area niche with a unique hashtag, you can break this information out into a separate stream of information and give people an easy way to share information about. To register your hashtag go to

hashtag targets

4) Pins that have a keyword hidden in the URL/Photo name/ page tied to the Pin will show up in the search results. It’s important to consider this when naming your pages and  images, or when you’re linking a pin back to your website URL. Even if you  don’t plan on pinning a photo on your blog or website doesn’t one of your visitors won’t and you want those images to be working for you.


As you are working on your social networkings sites like pinterest be sure to add in a few hashtags on your pins and posts.

Ideas for your real estate pinterest site

In the previous blog I went over the basics of what pinterest is and how to set up an account.  Next it is time to start building the site.  The idea behind this is you want to pin pictures from you blog or website as there will be a link to lead visitors back to your page.  Let visitors get to know a little about you from the things you feel are worthy of a pin.  Tell about the area that you live in so others can want to live there.  

Follow along with me and make your Pinterest Site.

I am going to set up a brand new Pinterest site  I will also have links leading to my blogs and websites and lets just see where this gets us.  If you don’t already have a pinterest site, go make an account and follow along with me.  Come back here and post your pinterest site and I will be sure to go see it, pin some items, and follow you.

Idaho Real Estate Pinterest Site

Idaho Real Estate Pinterest Site

Create Pinterest Boards specific to Buyers…

(NOTE: Include your state city or area the title, i.e., Dream Homes in Sandpoint Idaho.)


1. Idaho Dream Home

2. Idaho Home Décor or Idaho Decorating Ideas

3. Sandpoint Curb Appeal

4. Sandpoint Inside Spaces

5. Idaho Guest homes

6. Cleaning & Organizing Ideas

7. Bonners Ferry Home colors

8. Family Friendly Spaces

9. Man Caves

10. Spaces for HER

11. Sagle Gourmet Kitchens

12. Luxury Bathrooms

13. Best Kid Rooms

14. Best Home Buyer Tips

15. Popular Design Styles (i.e. Minimal Design, Contemporary Design, French Country)

16. Home Tours (pining your YouTube videos of listings for sale)

17. Best Office Spaces

18. Playful Outside/Inside Spaces

19. Relaxing Outside/Inside Spaces

20. Idaho Waterfront Homes



Pinterest Boards specific to Sellers…

1. Painting Techniques

2. Arranging your Spaces

3. Make the Most of Small Spaces

4. Staging your Idaho Home

5. Home Renovation Ideas

6. Curb Appeal Tips

7. Best Seller Tips


Pinterest Boards for Specific Areas with photos linking to listings…

1. Use the City name and link to listings (i.e., Sandpoint, Idaho, Luxury Homes)

2. Popular Neighborhoods (with links to listings (i.e., Dover idaho Neighborhood)

3. Architectural Wonders in Idaho

4. Historic Homes in Sandpoint

5. Cute Cabins in Idaho

6. Great things about a neighborhood, such as schools, attractions, parks

7. Luxury Homes in Idaho

8. Condos in Idaho

9. Townhouses in Sandpoint

10. Sandpoint Shoping

11. Idaho events


Pinterest Boards for things that might attract someone to an area…

1. Gorgeous Lakes and Vistas

2. Idaho Arts and Culture

3. Schweitzer Ski Resort Winter Recreation

4. Summertime Recreation

5. Places for Pets

6. Best Restaurants in Sandpoint or  Places to Eat

7. Sandpoint  Activities

8. Outdoor Idaho Fun

9. Idaho Parks, Trails and Recreation

10. Historic Hideaways

11. North Idaho Local Amenities

12. Idaho Wedding Locations

13. Sandpoint Kids Spots


Pinterest Seasonal boards…

1. Winter Vistas on Schweitzer

2. Sandpoint Summertime Scenes

3. Idaho Fall Colors

4. Spring Flowers Hope Idaho


Pinterest Boards about YOU…

1. Get to Know Me (pin photos from your blog or upload images)

2. What I Love

3. Fitness and Exercise

4. Great Recipes

5. Vacation of my Dreams

6. What Moves Me

7. Laugh Out Loud

8. Let’s Celebrate (holidays)

9. Sports Rule!


Come back tomorrow for the next page in the Pinterest Series.

Pinterest for Real Estate agents Series

I have heard of pinterest but what is it?

Pinterest as most of you know is a social media platform using groups of pictures to share with others.  Think of it as a picture list divided up in different categories of all your favorite things in one place. My son created a pinterest site to show of his favorite lapidary gemstones that we created over the years.  Even though I worked on each of these stones, I love going and seeing all the colors and patterns in these stones. Right now he has 556 followers and 1050 of the pictures have been “pinned” by other users.  Since all of these pictures were taken from our gemstone site we get about 60-100 people a day that are interested in gemstones come in to the website from his pinterest site.

Gemstone Cabs on Pinterest


How do I get started on Pinterest?

The basics-

Get a business account on,

fill in your profile,

put in the web url to your website and you are ready to start creating your pinterest site.


Boards, Pins and Repins what are they?

You will start by creating boards.  My next blog will get into some suggestions on the boards you may want to create for your real estate business.  A board is just a category or folder that your putting your pictures into


A “pin” is an image that you add to your boards that is pinned from a different website or that you upload from your computer.

To repin is when someone else re-pins a pin they found on your page to one of their boards.  All the original embedded links stay intact. Remember word of mouth in all forms is some of the best advertising.


When you find a pin that you like, click on it.  It will show you a larger picture along with the information on who pinnedthe picture, ne name of the board, the number of repins and likes and how old the pin is.  If you click on the picture you are taken to the website that it was pinned from. Click on the pin it button and you can write in your description and post it to one of your boards.


So how do I know if I get visitors to my pinterest site.


Once you have a few pins and boards under your belt you can go to  Click on the link to verify your website and follow the directions.

Once verified you will start seeing the pinterest analytics  for your pinterest site.

7 day

See your daily impressions, avg daily and monthly views, which pictures are shown and repinned the most, what your audience is interested in.  Here is a picture of the last 7 days.  An extra 14,276 people viewing your site is bound to build your brand.


SO how does this help me in Real Estate

I would have originally told you that you won’t get a direct sale, but I actually did get a sale directly from Pinterest.  The client even made the comment that she never dreamed she would find her dream home on a pinterest site and buy it.

For the most part though you are posting pleasing pictures, interesting ideas and people will follow you and repin your pictures.  Along with these pins is your name, advertising your website, your listings, and establishing you as a real estate expert in your area.  A pictures is worth a thousand words and 800 repinned photos mean that the world is going to find you and think of you when they have real estate needs in your area.   This is a great place to repin the pictures you use in your blogs, on your website.  You can give a visual tour of your town and get the word out that you are an expert in real estate and your area and put you in contact with people.


Come back tomorrow to learn what kinds of boards you may want to include on your pinterest site and keywords to use to bring in the traffic.

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