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We launched new gemstones

Hi everyone   We launched the new group of gemstones at

If you are on a server that uses cache copies you may see the new gemstones at:

You’ll find:

Royal Sahara jasper

Ammonite (fossil)

Ochoco tube agate

Condor agate

Rainforest jasper

 Forest fire jasper (tabu tabu)

Bronzed Mohave purple turquoise

Cobra jasper

Rhodochrosite (EXTRA gemmy!)

Graveyard Point plume agate

Owyhee blue opal

Tahoma jasper

Owyhee jasper

Cherry Creek jasper

Carey plume agate

Laguna agate 

Hope you see something you like. As always, we wish you the very best!

Rain, Sam and fam

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